Dynamixels that have unique ID are controlled by Packet communication on a bus. They support network of TTL, RS 485 etc. according to model
Wiring is simple because it is linked by Daisy Chain
LED and Shut-down (Torque-off) functions can be set regarding high temperature, overload, overvoltage, and low voltage
There are compliance margin and slope control functions.
Uses PID Gain Control, Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Derivative Gain for control (MX series)
Torque can be set up by 1024 steps from maximum Torque to free run state.
Its efficiency is high because it runs by high voltage and it improves stability of robot system that is formed by Dynamixel because current consumption is low.
12-bit resolution, 360º operation range with super-durability
Precise and reliable PID control
Maxon motor, 32-bit controller, high communication speed, RX and EX series compatible dimension
Position and speed control with dual-loop current control (MX-64, MX-106 only)
Dynamixel can be controlled using exclusive controllers and PCs
The setting and the programming of Dynamixel can be done easily using RoboPlus.
It makes the users possible to develop their own firmware.
It is a standard programming library to develop S/W controls Dynamixel.
It is a standard programming library to develop S/W communicates with RoboPlus Task with RoboPlus Task code.
HN07 Series
HN05 Series
RX-28 N1 RX-64 HN05-N1
Draw- ing
Frame RX-24F/RX-28
FR07 Series
FR05 Series
RX-28 FR07-
H1/S1/B1 Set
RX-64 FR05-
H1/S1/S2/B1 Set
-The existing N1 type horn and H1 type frames are difficult to assemble together.
-The new N101 type horn and H101 type frames are compatible and convenient for expansion.
(For more information on the dimensions and compatibility, please refer to the drawing files.)

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