Welcome to ROBOTIS KidsLab!
ROBOTIS KidsLab teaches elementary school students math and
science through the use of the educational robot kit named OLLO.
• Students learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) through building and our engaging curriculum.
• They receive a take home kit for each class!
• Gain fine motor skills, creative building, creative thinking and hands-on science!!

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FORM A Small Robotics Competition Team to Compete in a Local Robotics Competition!

ROBOTIS KidsLab Camp (Ages 6-8) ROBOTIS KidsLab Camp (Ages 9-12)

kidslab_benefit_mod.jpg At ROBOTIS KidsLab, students will have the opportunity to expand their imagination, exercise their creativity and develop new technical skills!
"The best way to teach a person how to build a boat to sail out to sea is to give them a sense of longing in their heart."
Through ROBOTIS KidsLab classes, your children will learn the importance of education and more importantly, learn how to study independently. Implementing their ideas will give your children the opportunity to experience teamwork and gain a positive attitude towards education. ROBOTIS KidsLab's goal is not to teach children how to build robots, but to teach them educational discipline through the building robots.
Help your children achieve their dreams!

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