You can either create a new Task file, or check and edit an existing Task file.
-select a controller: supports CM-100A, CM-5, CM-510, CM-530, CM-700
Menu will show when you touch your screen once.
- copy, cut, paste, insert line, delete line, clear line, enable/disable line, edit line
You can select and input devices or numbers in the same way of PC version.
- more convenient selection and input with rotation function
It includes Examples of OLLO Starter, OLLO Explorer, and OLLO Inventor.
- You can download examples to your robots, and edit when necessary and save as another task file.
You can control your robot with your Smartphone.
- You can control your robot with Joystick, tilt sensor, and button mode.
- If you connect Bluetooth communication module (BT-110) to CM-100A and CM-530 which are included in your OLLO Education Kit, you can write, edit, and download task files with your Smartphone.
You can select OLLO example Robots in each level and check the assembly in 3D.
- OLLO Starter = Level 1, OLLO Explorer = Level 2, OLLO Inventor = Level 3
You can check the parts necessary to assemble a selected example.
You can move to the clip for assembly or explanation by using a slider.
- allows you to observe the 3D example of the robot from its above, under, left and right by touch at a paused screen
You can zoom in the screen to explain the mistakable parts or refer when assembly.

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