The phone cradle that turns your smartphone
into the fun & practical home service robot!

Your phone is one of the most powerful computing devices, with sophisticated sensors that continuously gather information to simplify your life, entertain you, and keep you connected. But, this mighty IoT device has one critical function missing - mobility!
Enter, the OLLOBOT, a smart, mobile, IoT companion that assists, monitors, and works with you and your other smart devices. With this robotic platform, your phone is now mobile, and can fulfill all of its functions in the form of a personal robot.

US (AT&T Hackathon)

China (Magikid Class)

Korea (Home-care Service)

Technical Specifications

▪ Application : Android
▪ Connectivity : Bluetooth (OLLOBOT←→Docked Smartphone)
▪ Range : +20m without any blockages
▪ Speed : 1.5 m/s
▪ Battery : 2 × Lithium-ion cell (7.4v, 1100mAh)
▪ Charging : Micro USB charger
▪ Continuous Play Time : 30 minutes
▪ Size : 7.48in × 6.57in × 6.77in
▪ Weight : 1.5Lbs (batteries included)

Developer Tools

OLLOBOT SDK uses the Dynamixel Protocol 2.0 packets to communicate from the phone to the OLLOBOT.

- Communication Protocol 2.0: http://support.robotis.com/en/...

What can you do with OLLOBOT?

▪ Want to get started using the OLLOBOT?

▪ Want to try the OLLOBOT without coding?

Basic Demo

Avatar Studio

AR Dash Game
  •   - Download the OLLOBOT Sample Android Application
  •      http://www.robotis.com/service/download.php?no=751
  •      To use the Ollobot Sample APK, download the APK onto your Android phone.
         In your Android phone, go to Settings → Security → Check "Unknown sources." Open the APK file where you downloaded it on your phone.